Book Review: Wild Ones by: Leigh Goodison

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Sheffield Publications

Publication Date: March 12, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: "Pretty is what people call you when you can't qualify for beautiful." Which is how Breeze Jordan sees herself.

Sixteen-year-old Breeze Jordan is the new kid at Stark School, a state-run home for troubled teens. Though elated when she and her three roommates form a group they call the Stark Raving Lunatics, her joy is short-lived. Breeze once again faces placement in a foster home, this time on a ranch in southeastern Oregon where there is no internet or cell phone service. And no friends.

Giving herself the summer to mastermind a return, she enlists the help of Jared, the cute but elusive boy next door. Then her foster parents are arrested on trumped up Federal charges and Breeze must decide where her loyalties lie: with her new foster family and Jared, or her old friends at Stark. But upon her return to Stark School, Breeze discovers that nothing, including herself, will ever be the same.

Review: Breeze Jordan lost her mother and became a ward of the state, hopping from foster home to foster home, landing herself at the Stark School. The Stark School is a state-run home for “troubled” teenagers and in her three roommates, Breeze finally makes some friends. The Stark Raving Lunatics make up their own code of conduct, share some secrets, and cause mischief. Breeze is placed in yet another foster home, this time a cattle ranch owned by the Thompsons, Frank and Emily. She also now has a foster brother, Jonathan, who has special needs. With no cell signal or internet, Breeze is cut off from her friends and works on a plan to get herself shipped back to the Stark School. When the Thompsons are arrested on Federal charges, Breeze takes it upon herself to discover the truth with the help of Jared – the boy next door. WILD ONES is a beautifully written and insightful novel about a girl who thought there was no hope of truly belonging. WILD ONES is a great coming of age story. Breeze is alone in the world and when she’s brought into a new foster home, she’s desperate to escape. Yet there is something to this family which calls to Breeze and when the chips are down, she searches for a way to get past her fears and make a difference. I highly recommend WILD ONES – I think everyone will find something to relate to in this book!

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  1. There's something that pulls me in about this book. I really like the concept of Breeze and the isolation at first disgusting her, but then growing to like her new surroundings. I think I'll check this one out - thanks for the review!

    1. You're very welcome - I hope you enjoy!


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