Book Announcement: BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth by: Kenna McKinnon

Kenna McKinnon, author of SpaceHive, The Insanity Machine, and DISCOVERY: A Collection of Poetry, announces her new YA/MG scifi/fantasy novel, BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth, to be released in paperback on October 30!!

Visit the haunting launch on Facebook October 30-31, 2013.

SYNOPSIS: Errl, an alien Sasquatch teen from Planet X, visits Earth on a MiddleSchool research trip with his classmates and a kind but absentminded alien teacher, who accidentally leaves Errl behind when their airpod crashes on Earth. Errl is not fond of school and has no plans for his future. Errl is rather clumsy and doesn't like water. When his classmates go for a swim Errl leaves for the forest, promising to come back before the rescue ship is due to pick them up. He is confused, separated from his classmates, and doesn't make it back to the ship on time.

Errl is left alone to fend for himself on Earth and try to make his way back to the rescue ship when it is scheduled to return in ten Terra days. He becomes lost and disoriented, and frightens a group of Cub Scouts. Their leader fires on him and Errl runs.

He runs to a river and tries to swim across to escape. Hungry, exhausted, cold and tired, he is pulled downriver by the current. He is swept over a waterfall and spends the night in a mud cave at the side of the river.  He finds a trapper's cabin in the woods and is discovered by the trapper, whose name is Joe Locke.

Errl runs from his new friend and stumbles into a small town called Parsnip Creek. The men of the town have formed a posse to hunt him down. Joe and his 11-year-old son, Joey, hide him in their basement in town. He's discovered and thrown into jail.


"Errl. Pssst. Look at this. It's ill," Errl's best friend Berndt whispered. "The humans eat eggs. They're camping right below. Something is sizzling in a flat iron pan. Worm infested pig meat and eggs. Gross."

"Shut up. The Teach is looking at us."

"Dr. Teach? He's too touched in the head to notice."

"He thinks out loud same as us. He's just different. Old codger. Gummy wad, Berndt?"

"No, thanks. My cud's full."

The boys and girls with big hairy feet were on their yearly field trip to Earth from Planet X. Errl, the smallest of them, combed the hair on his legs. He didn't want to listen to their MiddleSchool teacher. They were learning English and Errl heard enough to get by if he had to. Getting by was good enough for him. Later he wished he had listened more carefully.

"Shhh. Some cute girls just got on the airpod."


"Oh, that's your sister, Errl. Torannee. Hard to tell with the long blue streaked hair down the front."

"Ee-yah. All the girls are coloring their body hair now."

"Still. Your sister's cute, Errl."

Their speech sounded like grunts and bleeps to an untrained ear. Even by Bigfoot standards, Errl was ugly. He began to comb the hair on his face.

"Gross. Who's her friend?"

"I think it's Lally. I wish Teach hadn't kept the girls in another part of the ship. It's hard to tell one from the other." Berndt flattened his webbed fingers and whistled. "There's water down below." He scanned the Moduports in the front of the airpod. Teach grunted into the control panel. The pod eased across the tops of the forest below, scaring deer into the open. Their ship was silent and still invisible to the group of young human campers.

"They're eating eggs and wormy pork meat, with chunks of rat infested bread."

"Ee-yah, their eyes and smell aren't as keen as ours, Errl. The rest of us, anyhow. Maybe not you." Berndt laughed. He slapped Errl on the back.

 Errl put down the comb. Teach dropped his gummy wad. He picked it up again and chewed. Errl's sister smiled at Berndt behind her long blue hair.

"What's that white stuff on the big hills?"

"They call it winter. Don't you know nuffin'?" Berndt winked at the six feet tall Bigfoot girl. She was starting to show signs of stars in her eyes and long hair on her belly.

"I'd rather sleep than listen to Dr. Teach."

The ship lurched. Teach went skidding past them. The laser machine that guided the airpod sparked and smoked. The girls clung to the rails at the side. They tried to get to the control panel. Lally whipped her long arms around the controls and pulled. Teach skidded past them again as the ship righted itself. Errl grasped the rails. The ship screamed to an emergency landing in the forest below, Torannee and Lally at the controls. Teach grunted and swore. His fuzzy hair matted where he sat on his butt.

"Holy pine nuts," Errl said. "What happened, Dr. Teach? The Humans must have seen that."

"One of their radio satellites knocked out our power," Teach said. "I forgot to set the screens."

"You forgot to set the screens?"

"No harm done," Torannee said. "The human campers didn't see us." Her voice sounded like sacks of rocks crunching together. Berndt thought she was beautiful.

"I don't think they saw us, anyhow." She was wrong. 

BIOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR: Kenna McKinnon is a Canadian freelance writer and self-employed medical transcriptionist, occasional runner, volunteer, sporadic student of hatha yoga, karate and kickboxing, and frequent walker. She lives in a high rise bachelor suite in the trendy neighborhood of Oliver in the City of Edmonton. Her most memorable years were spent at the University of Alberta, where she amazingly graduated with a degree in Anthropology (1975). She has lived successfully with schizophrenia for many years and is now a senior woman, member of the Writers' Guild of Alberta and the Canadian Authors Association. She had three wonderful children and three grandsons.

Kenna is the author of SpaceHive, a middle grade sci-fi/fantasy novel traditionally published by Imajin Books; The Insanity Machine, a self-published memoir with co-author Austin Mardon, PhD, CM, including the latest research available at the time of writing; and DISCOVERY – A Collection of Poetry, all released in 2012. Kenna's newest MG/YA novel, BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth, will be released on October 30, 2013 by Mockingbird Lane Press, a traditional small press.

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  1. Wonderful, thanks so much Star! You have a very interesting blog. Thanks again for hosting me. Note: BIGFOOT BOY's release date has been pushed back to Nov.1-2, but do watch Facebook for the scary appearance of the Sasquatch on Halloween night!


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