Book Review: Freakout by Lilian Gardner

Rating: 3.5/5

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

Synopsis: The ordinary life of the Scott family tips off balance when a big, black bird flies into the garden and repeats that it is 'Abe'. The too-curious family cat, Joshua, will be its first victim. From this moment on, Abe will be an elusive, overshadowing presence in their life; but who, or what, is really Abe?

Review: When the Scott boy first notices the big black bird in the yard that seems to be saying "It's Abe", his family thinks it's his overactive imagination. Then his sister notices it, too, and when they try to shoo the strange bird away, it attacks the Scott's cat, Joshua. Now Joshua is acting crazy and seems to be saying "It's Abe". He'll only behave for Mrs. Scott and attacks Mr. Scott any chance he gets. When they call the new veterinarian in town, Joshua bites him deeply and then is miraculously cured of his distemper. Now the vet is acting very odd, trying to woo Mrs. Scott away from her family. What or who has affected the bird, Joshua the cat, and the vet and what does it have to do with the Scott family? Freak-out is a twisted and chilling tale of reincarnation, obsession, and dark magic. This is a quick read which will leave you creeped out and intensely watching the animals and people around you for strange behavior.


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