Guest Post: Kathleen Gerard - Author of In Transit

In Transit

We're happy to have Ms. Kathleen Gerard, the author of In Transit stopping by here today on her blog tour with a guest post!!

Breaking the Shackles of Confinement

Rita Del Vecchio is the heroine of my novel, IN TRANSIT. She is 22 years-old and on the brink of her adult life, yet she feels stalled and confined by her existence working as a waitress at a greasy spoon-type restaurant in New Jersey. What else should she--could she--be doing with her life?

When a psychic in a shopping mall reads her Tarot cards and tells her that she is "destined for greatness" and she will "marry a man in uniform," Rita's antennae suddenly perk up, and she starts to pay closer attention to her life. The metaphysical prophecy that is drawn from the Tarot card reading prompts Rita to gather other signals and nigglings that begin to shift her priorities and her way of thinking....Her uncle, a retired NYPD cop, mentions--in passing, at a Fourth of July barbecue--that the NYPD is hiring and especially looking for minority and women recruits.

Are the fates urging me to take action? she wonders.

As a young, single woman, with no attachments or career path, what does she really have to lose by sitting for the NYPD police exam? Rita sets out to change the course of her life and her existence all because she welcomes the chance to change. In the end, change doesn't find her, but rather, change happens due to her own conscious choice(s).

Whether the outcome is good, bad or'll have to read the book to find out. But let me ask you this...Are you fulfilled in your own life? Do you feel bored and confined? If so, what would you do if you could do anything--anything at all--with your own life? What change(s) would you make? Would you have the faith and courage to go out in search of that change - or are you the type to wait for changes to become imposed upon you? And what do think would reside on that other side of such a change? We welcome you to share your stories with us.

To learn more about Kathleen Gerard and the story-behind-the-story of IN TRANSIT---and Kathleen's writing process--be sure to tune in to the cyber-book tour, stopping daily at different book blogs throughout the month of July...Link here to learn more:

Copyright 2011 by Kathleen Gerard. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Dear Star (and Monica): Thanks so much for hosting me for a guest post regarding IN TRANSIT. Impressed by your blog - from design to content...Very eclectic! It's the hard work and generosity of bloggers like you who keep the future of books alive and well... Wishing you both a Happy Summer filled with good books and great reading! :) Kathleen

  2. To the ladies of the Bibliophilic Book Blog - thank you for hosting a stop on Kathleen's blog tour. We appreciate your support. And I agree with Kathleen, your blog is fantastic!

    I really like this post by Kathleen because it is so universal in nature. I think everyone has thoughts about changing their life at one time or another, and it takes courage to do so. Change is inevitable, whether we bring it about or it is imposed on us. What a thought provoking topic!

  3. You are very welcome! We were glad to have you with us!


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