Book Review: A Taste of Desire by: Beverley Kendall

A Taste of Desire (Zebra Historical Romance)
Publisher: Zebra Books
Publish Date: January 1, 2011
Origins: Author for Review

Lady Amelia Bertram may have a reputation as the most brazen beauty of the ton, but she shocks even herself when she accidentally - and loudly - derides one of society's most eligible bachelors in the middle of a crowded ballroom. The timing of her faux pas couldn't be worse, for her father is seeking someone to take her off his hands that very night. But when Thomas Armstrong overhears the so-called "Lady" Amelia slandering his sexual prowess in public, he cannot help but accept the dare implicit in her words. To her father's great delight, he offers to take her to his secluded country estate - properly chaperoned, of course - to teach the girl a lesson in ladylike behavior.

First off, I have to apologize to you the readers and to the author who took the time to send me this lovely book. My review is late. It was supposed to go up in January, not February and I blame my Korea move. I apologize, on to the book.
I enjoyed the premise of this book. Amelia is a hellcat and any father in the era the book is set in would be trying anything and everything to get his daughter to settle down or just behave. Whew! I also enjoyed Thomas' escapades, he was entertaining, mischievous, and a sexy hero I could definitely get behind....err in front of?

I did not like the fact that a few of the intimate scenes felt similar, the first two kissing scenes with Thomas and Amelia felt the exact same and that threw me off. I also felt this book was a tad predictable. Further, I am not all together sure Thomas could have gotten away with some of his antics in this historical period, but...I am not a professional historian, so it is highly likely that I could be wrong.

I can feel the passion the author has for her writing and her characters seeping from the pages and it made me enjoy the book that much more. This book was a good start for me, I will definitely check out more work by Beverly Kendall to see if I fall into it a bit easier.

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  1. I loved Sinful Surrender, but still haven't read this one. Thanks for the review :)


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