Book Review: Need to Find You by: Joseph Souza

Publisher:  Kindle Press

Publication Date:  March 15, 2016

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Yasmine 'Yaz' Weeks would prefer to forget her troubled past and the vile crimes committed against her, but when she discovers a hidden memoir in a kidnapped girl's cell phone, Yaz finds herself on the run with an opportunity for retribution. She soon learns that the memoir has the potential to ruin both the reputation of its late great author, Robert Cornish, as well as the reputations of many influential people.

Whip Billings, an ex-cop, unwittingly becomes entangled in the mystery of the missing phone. Realizing that this newfound memoir could significantly hurt the sales of Cornish's classic novel, Force of Will, he begins to search for Yaz. But why are the cops, and a mysterious drug kingpin known only as The Viking, also looking for her?

In his quest to find Yaz, Whip uncovers a vast network of political corruption, long hidden family secrets, and a series of reprehensible crimes. As the bodies in town begin to pile up, Whip knows that he must track down Yaz before she also turns up dead. 

Review: NEED TO FIND YOU is a tale of secrets, lies, and evil. Yaz is pulled back into the orbit of The Viking when she is given a phone by a girl she just met, Mikiela, which contains some damning information. Yaz had escaped The Viking years ago and tried to never look back. Whip Billings is an addict ex-cop who has been hired to find Mikiela by someone who cares about her and he gets pulled into more than he bargained for during the search. NEED TO FIND YOU is a strange story filled with some pretty nasty characters. It took me a bit to realize what information on the phone the villains were actually after since it seemed overkill how they handled the situation. NEED TO FIND YOU is an oddly likeable novel, but definitely a strange one.

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  1. That is the outline, and what connects all that action is skillful writing of the finest sort. Few other authors are as well versed in this genre. Joseph may change his type of tales, but he is so adept at manipulating our thoughts and feelings that wherever he takes us we are guaranteed a fine ride.


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