Book Review: The House That Death Built by: Michaelbrent Collings

Publisher:  Michaelbrent Collings

Publication Date:  February 21, 2016

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis:  Getting in was easy. Getting out... will be another matter. 


It was supposed to be just one more job: in, out, and millions the richer. But when four thieves break into THIS house, they discover the owners were ready. And waiting. 

Now, the thieves find themselves in a deadly maze of traps. Traps designed not only to steal their lives, but their sanity. 

The only way out is the front door. 
The only way to get there is to survive. 
And the only way to survive is to be willing to do anything, to suffer all... and to lose everything.

Review: In THE HOUSE THAT DEATH BUILT, a group of thieves will learn there are consequences to their actions. Four thieves are looking for their last big score and the mastermind of their group, Rob, has found the perfect mark. Or so he thinks. When Rob, Aaron (the safecracker), Kayla (the sociopath), and Tommy (the muscle) break into the house, things seem to go wrong from the start. Little do they know they’re caught up in a deadly trap with only one objective – get out or die trying. Readers will easily experience schadenfreude as the thieves realize the truth about their circumstances. THE HOUSE THAT DEATH BUILT is macabre, deliciously thrilling, and a terrifying roller-coaster ride.

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