Book Review: The Hopi Mask (Boundless Magick #2) by: Lowvee Cole

Publisher:  Amazon Publishing

Publication Date:  January 16, 2016

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis:  Strange visions plague Abigail Stone when she joins her best friend on the Hopi reservation so that he can reconnect with his Native American roots. Though she considers the content of her visions trivial, she finds their triggers downright alarming: mysterious voices call her spirit into action, over which she has no control.

To complicate matters, Abigail returns to Adehya to discover that Nikolas has renounced his duties as her tutor and protector in favor of his obligations to the Council. He leaves Abigail in the care of the philandering Duke Sebastian, who, to Abigail’s dismay, shows more interest in bedding her than ensuring her safety and training her to be an expert witch.

As Abigail’s personal life spirals out of control--to the extent she faces shocking accusations of infidelity and threats of exile to Block Island--rumors abound that Nikolas has been secretly courting a stunning Egyptian princess. Harrowing as Abigail’s trials may be, she’s not at all prepared for how they add up and where they will lead her…

Review: Going to the Hopi reservation with her best friend Patrick, her mother, and her grandfather is a trip away from Adehya, her father’s world and her love Nikolas. She is tormented with visions and strange voices, the source of which is unknown. Going back to Adehya, she finds her world crumbling away. Nikolas is no longer her protector and is potentially courting someone else after previously pledging his love for Abigail. She has a new tutor for her training as a Wiccan Priestess and this is causing her nothing but trouble. THE HOPI MASK is the continuing story of Abigail Stone, started in BOUNDLESS MAGICK, as she navigates her present to uncover her past. THE HOPI MASK is a worthy successor to the first book and you’ll enjoy the twists and turns the author has in store for Abigail.

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