Book Review: The Gifted Dead (Gifted #1) by: Jenna Black

Publisher:  IGLA

Publication Date:  September 23, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis:  Politics and magic make dangerous bedfellows. 

They have all the power. 
They make all the decisions. 
But now, corruption is blazing through the Order... 
...and nobody is safe. 

With three European families and an American maverick plotting to seize control of the Order, a power struggle breaks out, creating deception and distrust among the Gifted. A cutthroat game of political intrigue will decide the winner. The stakes couldn't be higher as the Order carries with it the power to grant—or deny—an afterlife. 

On the cusp of an all-out war for power, magic could suddenly prove deadlier than any missile. 

Review: In THE GIFTED DEAD, we are introduced to a new world. There are the Gifted and the UnGifted; those who possess magical gifts and those who do not. Each of the Gifted has at least one gift, but can be asked by the Anima, through their spirit guide, to take on Quests which will earn them new gifts if successful. However, lately there has been a change in the Anima, hidden grave desecrations, and hidden political agendas which will come together to change the Gifted world irrevocably. THE GIFTED DEAD is a marvel of character and world-building. While the first half of the story is a little jumbled, jumping from character to character, everything coalesces well in the second half. I am impressed with the complexity and depth the author was able to imbue into the novel. THE GIFTED DEAD is and enjoyable and unique story. Definitely going to pick up the next book in the series!

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