Book Review: Night of the Bonfire (A Michael Quinn Novel #1) by: Kevin Scott Olson

Publisher:  Roseblood Publications 

Publication Date:  December 4, 2015

Origins:  From Publicist for Review

Synopsis:  Ex-Navy Seal Michael Quinn, now a CIA special operative, is called in to investigate a key undercover operative’s brutal murder. From the peaceful seaside town of Laguna Beach, the trail soon leads him across the globe, and into a world beyond anything he imagined. 

...Amidst violent twists and turns, Quinn's journey takes him from the crowded streets of Rome to a quiet cove off of the Mexican coast. Along the way he crosses paths with an oligarch obsessed with vengeance...with a woman of unforgettable beauty...and with a man on the verge of adding the crowning touch to his criminal empire. 

Interwoven with memorable characters, Night of the Bonfire is a riveting novel that takes the reader to an exceptional level of intrigue.

Review: NIGHT OF THE BONFIRE is the first full-length novel featuring CIA special operative Michael Quinn. Investigating the murder of a fellow operative takes Quinn on an adventure which may just cost him his life. Quinn is the consummate professional; smart, innovative, and thoughtful. NIGHT OF THE BONFIRE is an enjoyable spy thriller with richly detailed characters and a smidgen of romance. The author has created a intriguing and entertaining tale of murder, stolen art, and espionage. I recommend you read the Michael Quinn short story, BREAKOUT, too!

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