Book Review: Shadows at Sunset (Sunset Trilogy #1) by: Tonya Royston

Publisher:  Smashwords

Publication Date:  August 15,  2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis:  She never thought her ability to communicate with wild animals was anything more than a unique gift. But this gift is tied to a long history of secrets that threaten to shatter her one chance at true love…

Laken Sumner isn’t your average teenager. Ever since she realized that wild animals could hear her thoughts, she’s spent more time in the woods with them than with other children. Even her wolf is a better friend to her than most people. She trusts him—so much so that she follows him out into the wilderness in the middle of the night to find a lost little boy. But the boy’s disappearance is only the beginning.

The one bright spot in her life is Noah Lawson, the handsome new town deputy. Charming and mature, he almost seems too good to be true. Then she meets Xander Payne, the new boy at school, who seems to know something about her. But how could that be possible?

As strange things begin to happen in her sleepy New England town, Laken wonders if Xander has something to do with it. Or is it just a coincidence that danger targets her soon after he arrives?

Review: SHADOWS AT SUNSET is the first book in the serial Sunset Trilogy featuring Laken Sumner, a girl with a very special gift. Laken can talk to animals, they can hear her thoughts, and has a wolf who has been her companion since young childhood. She’s a senior in high school, with two long-time best friends who know her secret. When her wolf, Dakota, helps Laken find a missing boy she is now the town hero which garners her lots of unwanted attention. She meets two men, Noah Lawson – her father’s new deputy – and Xander Payne – a new senior at school. When more strange things start to happen, Laken doesn’t know who to trust. SHADOWS AT SUNSET is a well-written, descriptive, and very interesting. I do wish Laken would have listened more to Dakota’s advice (non-verbal, of course), but overall SHADOWS AT SUNSET is a compelling tale. Please note: As a serial novel, the ending is very abrupt.

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