Book Review: Virgo's Vice (Zodiac Series #3) by: Trish Jackson

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Publication Date: October 21, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: An unexpected romance amid a reality show gone shockingly wrong. 

Camera operator Lexie King has a good reason to work out of her comfort zone in Allan Dockery's new survival-style reality show in Africa. She is determined to overcome her PTSD and make something of herself, but she has no way of knowing he would be there. The monster who’d caused her distress. 

Now all she wants is to get away—as far away as possible. But how? They're stranded one stop past nowhere in Africa. 

When traumatic events start to happen, she draws comfort from Jake, the producer's chocolate lab, and cowboy contestant Billy Murphy, who makes her laugh at the darkest of times, and heats up more than her heart with his touch . . . 

Review: VIRGO’S VICE is a story about an unscripted reality television show gone horribly wrong. Set in Africa, the show is called “Endure and Win” where the contestants must survive in the wilds of Africa (after parachuting from an airplane) on film to win one million dollars. Lexie King is one of the camera operators and she’s decided to take the job on this show to help her conquer her PTSD. Unfortunately for Lexie, cleverly disguised as one of the contestants, is the person who caused her PTSD. As the contestants pull together to survive the harsh wilderness, in the darkness someone is hunting them. VIRGO’S VICE is a light mystery / romance with compelling characters, a good plot, and a sweet happily ever after.

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