Book Review: Fey by: C.S. Feldman

Publisher: CreateSpace

Publication Date: October 21, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Nessa Donnelly never expected to see her estranged and eccentric father again, but a phone call summons her back to her hometown and to the hospital in which the elder Donnelly lies in a comatose state for which his doctors have no explanation. Bit by bit, long-buried family secrets emerge, and Nessa begins to realize that those secrets were kept hidden from her for a reason. 

She also realizes that there is something in the woods behind her father’s house that he never told her about, something that can’t be explained. 

And she is also not as alone in his house as she thought she was…

Review: FEY is a short novel at 132 pages, but the author packs a mighty punch. A young woman, brought home by her father’s sudden illness, discovers a hidden family secret which could shatter her very existence. The attention to detail, the twists and turns, and the heavy characterization with few words, all combine to bring the reader an unexpected and wondrous tale - FEY.

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