Book Review: The Illuminati Protocol by: Robert Ristino

Publication Date: July 2, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: When SSA Bing Ingram leads his FBI team in search of an abducted 11-year-old taken from her bedroom in the middle of the night, the harrowing search leads them to a frightening discovery – the existence of an international abduction-for-hire child sex trafficking ring. 

The story begins in Dubai, where Mahmood ibn Abadi, a bank executive in the Emirates, has placed a $1-million order with a sex trafficking network for procuring a prepubescent, pretty, white, Caucasian girl. When delivered, she will become the concubine of a rich, powerful Sheikh, one of the banks most important clients. 

To fulfill the order, an operative of the network, Lyle Stembeck, searches and finds a girl who meets all of the client’s specifications, abducting her in the middle of the night from her bedroom. The only ones taking notice are two neighborhood dogs who begin tracking her and her abductor. Local and State Police, and the FBI’s northeast regional Child Abduction Response (CARD) Team soon join in the search. Team leader Ingram knows that if they don’t find Katie within 24 hours, they never will. 

He realizes that the key to finding Katie is to follow the trail of the two neighborhood dogs tracking her. As the search begins, Special Agent Ola Dambrowska, a member of the CARD team, is convinced that the abduction is the work of an international child sex trafficking ring called the Illuminati.

Review: For a price, anything is for sale, especially for the members of the Illuminati network. After an order is placed for a young and pretty white prepubescent female, an operative must locate and procure the “merchandise” for the buyer. When the girl, Katie, is discovered missing from her own home, the FBI’s Child Abduction Response Team, led by SSA Bing Ingram, is mobilized. If Katie’s not found within 24 hours, she’ll disappear into the underworld child sex-trafficking ring…the Illuminati network. THE ILLUMINATI PROTOCOL is a well-written and fast-paced story. Katie, the FBI agents, and the local police are all very well-developed as characters. Even the dogs were an integral part of the story. The ‘bad guys’ were a little less developed and, of course, the Illuminati network was hidden in shadow. THE ILLUMINATI PROTOCOL is a solid story about a very sordid underworld.

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