Book Review: Even You by: Marilyn Oser

Publisher: Mill City Press

Publication Date: September 2015

Origins:  From Publicist for Review

Synopsis: Where do you turn when love turns to hurt, when loss turns to fury?

Impetuous isn’t a word you'd use to describe Claire Bramany. She’s capable, reliable and steady. But when a sudden accident in Brooklyn in 1995 takes the life of her lover, Jessie Friedman, Claire’s world implodes.

And worse is soon to come: while cleaning out Jessie’s desk, Claire finds hidden journals that tell long-buried secrets of Jessie's western girlhood.

Jessie’s account of Tulsa in 1944 appears innocent and playful, at first. Her days are peopled with quirky characters--especially Uncle Jimmy, an honest-to-goodness teenage hero just back from war-torn Europe. He’s Jessie's favorite, until the afternoon he makes his move on nine-year-old Jessie.

No secrets, secrets kill: this was the promise Claire and Jessie had made to each other. But in twenty-three years together with Jessie, Claire never heard of any Uncle Jimmy, much less any sexual violation. Shattered, yearning to reconnect with the Jessie she thought she knew, Claire heads out to Oklahoma to find this man.

Is the story in the journals true? If so, has Claire any other course than to avenge Jimmy's hideous crimes…? 

Review: EVEN YOU is the story of Jessie Friedman, as learned by her partner Claire Bramany, through her diaries. After Jessie is killed in a car accident, Claire finds Jessie’s diaries and a whole part of Jessie she never knew about before. Now, after the end of twenty-three years together, Claire will follow the path into Jessie’s past. EVEN YOU is a compelling story with sympathetic characters which ultimately asks readers “do you really want to know the truth?”.  The characters were well developed and the way the author portrayed Claire’s feelings throughout the grief process was heart wrenching. EVEN YOU may not appeal to everyone due to the subject matter; but it is a book well worth reading.

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