Book Review: Die Again Tomorrow by: Kira Peikoff

Publisher: Pinnacle

Publication Date: September 29, 2015

Origins:  From Author/Publisher for Review

Synopsis: Isabel Leon, the star of a survival reality show, thinks she can endure anything. But when she unwittingly gives an unscrupulous mogul a chance to profit from her murder, she becomes the target of a terrifying killer who makes nature seem tame by comparison.

At first left for dead, she is rescued by a medical research team that operates outside the law.  She awakens to find she’s the living proof of a breakthrough that can change the world. Some people would pay any price to control it. Others would simply steal the secret—even if it costs Isabel’s life. As powerful rivals pursue her, Isabel must risk everything to protect those she loves—or die again tomorrow.

Review: Isabel Leon has seemed to always been at the right place at the right time. Her strength and stamina have landed her reality-television stardom, but when the chips are down, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to save her family. She’s decided to sell her life insurance policy in order to afford the breakthrough treatment for her mother’s cancer. However, ever since, Isabel feels as if she’s being watched. When she washes up dead on shore, a special research team brings her back to life using an unapproved medical treatment. Now everything Isabel and the Network have worked for is in jeopardy. DIE AGAIN TOMORROW is a well-written thriller, dealing with many aspects of medical ethics (or lack thereof). The characters are well-developed, with quite a few readers will love to hate. I appreciated the fact DIE AGAIN TOMORROW was not as ‘preachy’ as NO TIME TO DIE, the author’s previous novel featuring the Network. DIE AGAIN TOMORROW should be taken as a warning for the current and future possibilities of unregulated research without an ethical and legal framework.

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