Book Review: Bloody Legends by: Andrea Merchak

Publication Date: November 22, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Bloody Legends tells the story of Daniel Cooper, who after an invitation from friends to hunt, sees its most violent and morbid fantasies come forth into a compulsive desire to perpetrate murder crimes based on famous urban legends.

Review: Daniel Cooper has always had a darker side and has honed his hunting skills over the years. Graduating from hunting animals to hunting humans was a foregone conclusion for Daniel. However, he found he wanted to be cleverer than the average serial killer and was inspired to commit his murders in the style of urban legends. BLOODY LEGENDS is an interesting take on the ‘urban-legend killer’ story. I thought Daniel was cockier than the average fictional serial killer, sometimes in comical ways. Also, while the author may be a fan of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ song “Where the Wild Roses Grow”, the ‘Eliza Day’ murder is not an urban legend which threw off the feel of the book for me. BLOODY LEGENDS is a dark short story which may have needed to be longer to develop true terror.

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