Book Review: Bad Angels by: Dennis Danvers

Publisher: Metaphysical Circus Press

Publication Date: October 15, 2015

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Synopsis: Shannon’s a fallen angel. Hunted. Hiding. Her crime? She’d rather live on earth with humans and exercise free will. 

On the streets, Shannon keeps her wings tucked inside a hollowed out backpack and taps the will of young men. Nothing harmful. Just enough to get what she needs—until she meets George, an angel-obsessed artist, in Richmond, Virginia. Now she’s in trouble: tapping wills can work both ways. 

Peter Arrowsmith is the archangel’s investigator, in charge of the problem of the fallen, and he’s closing in on Shannon. Trouble is, Peter’s slipping into an entanglement of his own with Bethanie, a beautiful, compulsive liar. 

As Shannon flees and Peter pursues, they draw a group of misfits into their deadly battle. But as both angels and humans will learn, love can make a tragedy or a farce of even divinely inspired plans. 

Bad Angels is a contemporary fantasy that explores the concept that angels might be a race—no better or worse than humans, just different. With quirky characters and a fast-paced plot, Bad Angels explores what happens when a race that has the power of flight, but not free will, decides to take a walk on the wild side among the humans of earth. 

Review: In BAD ANGELS, Shannon is a fallen angel who wants nothing more than to live on Earth among humans. She’s hunted by another angel, Peter Arrowsmith, who has been on the trail of the fallen for millennia. Shannon meets George, an artist obsessed with wings and angels, who will change her whole life. Along with a strange cast of characters, Shannon must fight for something which means more to her than her own life. BAD ANGELS is a beautiful fantasy novel with the power and meaning of love at its core. The detailed angelic hierarchy is entrancing and the author’s writing style is unique and charming. BAD ANGELS is well-written and has complete and fully-realized characters which take readers on a well-paced adventure.

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