Book Review: Last Bastards Standing by: Sienna Cassedy

Publication Date: August 9, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Sal Bruce is a bastard. Tell her and she’ll say Thank you. She might hand out a couple of insults, too. When Sal is not drinking, she is sleeping, and when she is not grousing loudly, she is judging silently. 

No woman is an island, however, and Sal does occasionally find herself in the company of mad friends living on the edge of society and sanity. Life has kicked them in the face, but they keep going, and have great stories to tell. 

What prevents Sal from the distance to the world she usually thinks rightfully hers, is her best friend Ernesto and his relentless plan to reveal the truth (about the government and in general) to the world. Sal and Ernesto have been friends since the time Sal helped Ernesto get out of the loony bin, and ever since then he has been constantly making Sal wonder whether insane is necessarily the least sane thing to be. 

Last Bastards Standing is women’s fiction without mush and melodrama. It hits where it hurts, but also where laughter and the sweet joy of (some extent of) recognition is felt.

Review: LAST BASTARDS STANDING is Sal Bruce’s story. She’s the one-woman wrecking ball of her own life. Sal is unapologetically and unflinchingly honest, saying whatever she is thinking, especially the insults. LAST BASTARDS STANDING defies categorization and comes across as almost stream of consciousness. Sal is definitely a unique bastard (meant with all the warmth the word can convey) and her long, strange trip is one for the books. If you’re looking for something different and off-the-wall, look no further than LAST BASTARDS STANDING.

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