Book Review: Into the Myth by: R.L. Weeks

Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Publication Date: July 18, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: College can’t come soon enough for Lily. That is until Kyle, the new transfer, shows an interest in her. Except, since he’s been in town, strange accidents have been happening. Accidents that Kyle seems to be insinuating are Lily’s fault.

When she learns the truth, she is thrown into a world she didn’t believe to be true, but she is in danger. There are many forces against her, ones she has to try and protect herself and her loved ones from. The problem is, the biggest threats could be concealed in the lies of the people she loves. She has to quickly decipher who she can trust and who’s against her, if not, she could lose a lot more than her life.

Review: INTO THE MYTH is the story of Lily, a girl who grows up in an abusive home and escapes through her fantasy novels. When strange things start happening around Lily, she learns she’s a sorcerer, something she’s only read about previously. The characters weren’t as well-developed as they could have been and I alternatively liked and disliked Lily. Perhaps some back story, before dropping the readers into Lily’s story, would have been helpful. The magical world the author created was intricate and showed diligent research into the mythological and paranormal. The same attention to detail in regard to the plot would have helped tighten up the story and make it flow better. INTO THE MYTH is an intriguing story, but it would have been served well by less emphasis on the ‘romantic’ elements. INTO THE MYTH pits the power of choice against the power of destiny.

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