Book Review: Dawn of the Chupacabra (Chupacabra Series #4) by: Michael Hebler

Publisher: Night After Night Publications, LLC

Publication Date: October 13, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Before Night, Came Dawn 

Jeremiah Whiting has been a survivor since birth. He endured an abusive upbringing only to fight as a private for the losing side of the American Civil War. But when the war ends, Jeremiah’s battle does not. He will meet his greatest enemy yet, in the form of a heinous entity sent to kill him for crimes against the Cherokee Nation, and the only allies willing to fight at his side are the remarkable instincts he possesses and the voice of a deceptive Soldier that possesses him. 

Dawn of the Chupacabra tells the origin tale of a supernatural beast born out of hatred and rage. Sent to kill a man no less atrocious, the monster’s creators soon learn the error of their fatal mistake and abuse of power when the creature terrorizes above and beyond its intended purpose. Dawn of the Chupacabra breathes life into a legendary curse spawned from the ashes of war and begins what will continue to blemish the earth for centuries to come. 

Review: DAWN OF THE CHUPACABRA is the fourth book in the Chupacabra series and now we learn, in detail, the origins of this unstoppable force. Fighting in the Civil War and longing to go home, Jeremiah Whiting is determined to make it back no matter the cost. Whiting has little to no impulse control, even with the Soldier whispering in his brain, which leads him into temptation and beyond. DAWN OF THE CHUPACABRA is a chilling tale with richly developed characters. I do wish the book had started out on a more positive note before we got sucked into the hateful life of Jeremiah Whiting. He’s not a character you will feel any empathy for at all, but it doesn’t detract from the fact he is so well-written it’s satisfying to hate him. DAWN OF THE CHUPACABRA is a remarkable tale of greed, lust, and revenge.

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