Book Review: Unpaved Surfaces by: Joseph Souza

Publisher: Kindle Press

Publication Date: March 3, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Enter into the life of an ideal family—Auggie is a happy nine-year-old boy whose father, Keith, loves him more than anything. Keith’s life seems ideal—until one day Auggie vanishes. A year has passed since Keith’s son disappeared, and he’s haunted by glimpses of his son appearing in his small Maine town. With the investigation at a dead end and his family paralyzed with grief, Keith worries that he's losing his mind. In a thrilling twist, the case turns in a new direction—a direction that could either heal his family or tear them, and the rest of the town, apart.

Review: One day the Battle family’s world changed forever. Keith and Claire’s youngest son, Auggie, disappeared one day. UNPAVED SURFACES is set one year after Auggie’s disappearance and the entire Battle family is no longer the same. Frances (Frenchy) is trying to decide if she actually wants to go to college, Shippen is getting in trouble at his school, and Sabine (Beanie) has fallen into a world of fantasy. Claire’s keeping busy with a campaign to put sidewalks throughout the town and Keith’s barely making it to work. Keith’s also been haunted – seeing Auggie in the woods near where he disappeared. Following his visions may have unexpected consequences for the Battle’s and the town as a whole. UNPAVED SURFACES is a moving story of loss and familial devastation. It’s undeniable how the loss of a child affects every single member of the family. The author aptly brings each character’s grief and coping mechanisms to life; watching them be together yet so far apart was heartbreaking. UNPAVED SURFACES will touch your heart to its depths.

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