Book Review: The Lightning Stones (Philip Mercer #8) by: Jack Du Brul

Publisher: Doubleday

Publication Date: August 11, 2015

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Synopsis: Sinking thousands of feet below the surface of the earth in the Leister Deep copper mine in Minnesota, Philip Mercer rides a series of heavy-duty elevators to visit his old friend and mentor, Abraham Jacobs. Jacobs has led a research team to the deepest section of the mine for a groundbreaking study into climate change and cosmic rays. But as Mercer approaches the bottom, he is stunned to hear the unmistakable report of automatic gunfire in the massive underground chambers. He can't stop the inevitable: by the time Mercer finds his way to them, his dear friend, and the entire research team, have been efficiently executed. Mercer is left seeking answers . . . and revenge.

This sets in motion a propulsive thriller intertwined with intrigue, vengeance, and cutting-edge science. Mercer is thrust into an international hunt for the murderers—and the frightening secret of what they were looking for. 

Review: In THE LIGHTNING STONES, the eighth book featuring geologist Philip Mercer, the author has merged action, science, and mystery. The opening of the book with Amelia Earhart and her fateful final flight was amazing as were the several other scenes regarding the aviatrix. After nine years of waiting for another Philip Mercer novel, I was both excited and disappointed. Mercer’s character seemed way off from the previous books, especially in his treatment of women. The action and suspense were well done, but it all seemed to be a superficial way to get the author’s own politico-environmental views out to the public. Everyone has their beliefs and biases, writers and readers alike, but THE LIGHTNING STONES appears to be a personal soapbox issue pseudo-disguised by a light fictional wrapper. I had high hopes for THE LIGHTNING STONES; however, for me it fell short of the mark.

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  1. Agreed. Plenty of over-the-top action and adventure, but too much political posturing and not enough science it back it up.

    1. Thanks Bob! Glad I wasn't the only one who felt like this about the book.


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