Book Review: Crystal and Wand (The Talbot Trilogy #3) by: Tori L. Ridgewood

Publisher: Melange Books, LLC

Publication Date: July 23, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Lovers reunite, and are torn apart. Bloodthirsty fiends battle for control of an army of the undead. With the community of Talbot frozen under layers of ice and snow, the domination of the vampire coven seems certain, but in the eye of the storm, the witches and the vampire hunters search desperately for the means to bring an end to the violence that threatens to take over more than one small, sleepy town. Will Rayvin and Charlotte be able to work together, combining their skills in magick, to prevent the loss of more innocent lives?

Review: CRYSTAL AND WAND is the third and final full-length novel in the Talbot Trilogy. Rayvin and Charlotte must combine their powers to defeat the vampires Jason Lucas and Malcolm de Sade. CRYSTAL AND WAND picks up right after the end of book two in the trilogy, BLOOD AND FIRE. The writing is solid and the characters are consistent throughout the trilogy. CRYSTAL AND WAND is full of twists and turns, but there were some events which seemed if they were thrown in for more of ‘shock value’ rather than adding value to the story or forwarding the plot. However, CRYSTAL AND WAND is an exciting and well-constructed end to the Talbot Trilogy.

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