Book Review: Blue Sun (Blue Sun Series #1) by: Tracy Abrey

Publisher: Tracy Abrey

Publication Date: November 28, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: A mysterious, secluded island with secrets. A brilliant teenage girl whose driving curiosity leads her to probe too deeply. A detached father who goes missing. Stalkers at every turn marked with a disturbing tattoo. An unreachable castle that holds all the answers. 

Genny Hazard is on a plane to the Isle of Man, a curious island in the Irish Sea. Little does she know that she is not only going to be the new kid in a strange, foreign world, but her new life on the island is going to force her to rethink her beliefs, confront her past, and face her deepest fears. 

A mysterious urban fantasy for young adults and adults alike, Tracy Abrey’s debut is a fascinating coming of age tale that explores the importance of family, the influence of our past on our present, and our need above all to find the truth. Incorporating and molding existing Manx folklore to create a new, unique mythology, its layered, intricate use of character and plot gives it the complexity and richness it deserves while never losing its pace or inventiveness. Filled with riveting mystery and almost unbearable suspense, Blue Sun is a first-rate page-turner that will leave you anxiously awaiting the next adventure.

Review: After Imogene (Genny) Hazard’s mother died in an accident, her father has been distant and has thrown himself into his work. Now he’s received a grant to work in his very own lab, but it’s on the Isle of Man. Genny is dragged along, leaving her entire world behind to go somewhere she knows nothing about and doesn’t know if she’ll fit in. When she arrives, she notices a lot of people with the same strange triskelion tattoo. Being a woman of science and logic, Genny isn’t caught up by the strong influence of myth and legend, but her curiosity just may get the better of her. BLUE SUN is an interesting YA fantasy novel. The intense level of research the author undertook into the culture and mythos of the Isle of Man is evident. The characters were strongly developed and the story is well imagined. BLUE SUN is the first book in a new series which shows a lot of promise.

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