Book Review: Sparked (Independence Falls Sci Fi Romance) by: Lily Cahill

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: July 16, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Independence Falls, Colorado. 1954. It was the start of a perfect summer—until the fog rolled in and changed everything.

Clayton Briggs has always had it easy. The pampered second son of the prestigious Briggs clan, Clayton’s poised to take over the family business. His playboy days aren’t quite over, but his mother is on a campaign to match him with a woman suitable to his station. When he meets a beautiful girl at the Firelight Festival, he’s instantly attracted—until he realizes she’s a member of the notorious Murphy family. The Murphys and Briggs have been feuding for decades, but Clayton can’t control his feelings for Cora. Will passion trump family responsibility?

Cora Murphy has always had it hard. When she isn’t scraping together pennies by baking for the town’s wealthy families, she’s all but a slave to her father and brother, who drink and gamble away most of her profits. She could run, but Cora won’t leave her sister behind. All she needs a bit of luck, but luck has never sided with the Murphys. Then her entire life changes in one moment. When Cora is caught in a mysterious purple fog, she suddenly discovers powers beyond anything she’s ever imagined. And it seems Clayton might be the only man who understands … because he has powers of his own.

Review: The Briggs and Murphy families have hated each other for generations. When Clayton Briggs comes back to Independence Falls, he sees Cora Murphy at the Firelight Festival. Not knowing who she is at first Clayton is consumed by his attraction to her. When a strange purple fog overcomes those attending the Firelight Festival, strange things start happening to Clayton and Cora. SPARKED is supposedly set in 1954, but this didn’t seem to be characterized by the events, locale, and the people living in Independence Falls and the actual origins of the purple fog and subsequent powers exhibited by Clayton and Cora weren’t explained. The main characters stood out, the supporting characters fell flat because they were clichéd and not fully formed. While I liked SPARKED overall, I felt the fantasy/sci-fi aspects were secondary to the story of “star-crossed” lovers.

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