Book Review: Diamond Sky by: David Clarkson

Publication Date: May 27, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Lucy Skye has just lost her father. In order to say goodbye, she hopes to recapture the magic of her childhood by taking one last road trip with him. Her aim is to scatter his ashes at King’s Canyon in the heart of the Australian outback. On route, an unfortunate series of events leads her to the small, isolated town of Jackson’s Hill. 

At a nearby observatory, Dr Emmy Rayne has made the scientific breakthrough of the century. Her experiments into astral projection have opened up the universe for exploration like never before. There is just one problem – not everybody on her team shares the same goal and this new technology has far reaching implications beyond anything she could have imagined.

Review: Lucy Skye, wanting to share one more road trip with her father, ends up stranded in the strange and remote town of Jackson’s Hill where she meets Dr. Emmy Rayne. Emmy’s scientific experiments into astral projection are cutting edge and have attracted some potentially dangerous attention. However, there are some unexpected ramifications to Emmy’s work which is affecting those in the depths of the Australian Outback. DIAMOND SKY is an unusually compelling sci-fi novel with an interesting premise. Most people think of astral projection as new-age hokum, but the author gives the research an authentic scientific feel. I liked the author’s word-play with the characters’ names. DIAMOND SKY is compact, solid, and captures the imagination.

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