Book Review: Turbulent Reentry by: Kyle Fisher

Publication Date: December 14, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Instead of college exams and dorm parties, twenty-two year old Wade Evans spent the last four years at Dayton Correctional on a rape charge. Her name was Elisabeth and they dated for six months before her testimony clinched his conviction. Wade couldn’t honestly tell them it didn’t happen but would the jury have believed it was her idea? She was beautiful and experienced and taught him so much. Four years later, he still can’t figure out why she lied to the jury.

Now he’s out and working at Scene Cleaners where he cleans crime scenes after the police are through with them. Wade’s new life outside the prison walls is challenging. His partner, Scraper, who found his life’s calling in this work, seems to have nothing but disdain for him but the attractive redhead who handles the front desk keeps flirting with him. Does she know he’s considered a sex offender? Does she care?

In spite of the risk, Wade can’t keep himself from driving by Elisabeth’s palatial home, a definite violation of his Reentry Program. All he wants is one glance to see how the last four years have treated her – to see how her new lawyer husband is treating her. Then the unthinkable happens - the next murder scene he has to clean is at her house.

Review: In TURBULENT REENTRY, Wade Evans has been released from prison after serving four years for a rape he didn’t commit. He was accused by the woman who he thought was the love of his life and to this day, he still doesn’t know why Elisabeth lied on the stand. Since being released, he’s been working at Scene Cleaners, a crime scene cleaning company. He finds out where Elizabeth lives and drives by her home almost every day, until he’s called out to her house to clean up after a murder. TURBULENT REENTRY is a very quick read, and we watch as Wade tries to pick up the pieces of his life and start over. However, his obsession with Elisabeth seems to be his downfall. I felt TURBULENT REENTRY was very well-written, really drawing readers into Wade’s story of betrayal and redemption.

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