Book Review: The Shackles of Constantine by: Kelsey Anne Young

Publisher: Kelsey A. Young

Publication Date: September 2, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: In a world brimming with dark magic, talented students are being called upon from far and wide to fight to the death, or earn themselves the title of a warrior, at the greatest institution the Illysium knows: Constantine Academy. As Jade Orwell struggles to reconcile with the discovery of her father's secret past and sudden disappearance, she finds herself torn from one world and plunged into another...with secrets even darker. Soon, rumors begin to swirl that the founder of Constantine Academy may still be alive, and the very fabric of authority, the Oculus, threatens to unravel. The Oculus races to silence such notions, but the longer Jade stays, the deeper she entangles herself in the cunning snare of lies being woven behind the scenes at Constantine Academy. When she finally uncovers the strength of her own magic, Jade realizes all too late what her father was trying to protect her from: Attention. In this elite world of magic and mystery, Jade will find intrigue, betrayal and the enduring strength of friendship. With her classmates Matt and Aaron, and her roommates, Justine and Camilla, Jade moves to take action against the threats that imperil their school. As their lives hang in the balance, Jade is forced to question how much she is willing to risk for the sake of avenging her father's untimely disappearance.

Review: THE SHACKLES OF CONSTANTINE introduces us to Jade, a teenage girl with a big chip on her shoulder. She’s always fighting and getting in trouble which gets her sent to her aunt’s house. While she’s there, she learns her father has been keeping a huge secret from her and she’s sent to the Constantine Academy after he disappears. What Jade discovers is she comes from a family who can wield magic and in Jade’s case – a lot more than expected. Now Jade has to watch her back against the same people who took her father and she doesn’t know who to trust or what it will cost her to find the truth. In THE SHACKLES OF CONSTANTINE, Jade is put through a number of tests and it was good to see her evolution. I could empathize with Jade’s discomfort with her life and with herself since I think we have all felt this way at some point in our lives. I liked the world the author created and THE SHACKLES OF CONSTANTINE is imaginative and enticing.

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