Book Review: Power Tools in the Sacred Grove (Camp Arcanum) by: Josef Matulich

Publisher: Post Mortem Press

Publication Date: May 19, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: The comedy of sex, magick and power tools continues:

After only a few weeks in Arcanum Ohio, Marc Sindri finds himself in love with Brenwyn the witch; hospitalized by Jeremiah Stone’s sex-conjured demon; and woefully behind in his construction deadlines to open the new renaissance faire by May first. Moving in with Brenwyn for protection from further supernatural attacks during his rehabilitation, Marc delegates the work on Arcanum Faire to his minions, Eleazar the ren faire libertine and Michael the overwrought artisan.

The path to the faire’s opening day is not smooth, obstructed by invisible tentacle demons, undead skinless bunnies, interference from OSHA and even the Vatican, but Marc slowly recovers. With luck, he will soon be healthy enough to lift a chainsaw or survive sex. Through a vegan Thanksgiving, a tool-bedecked Christmas, and lovers’ spats with a woman that can throw lightning bolts, Marc makes his way mostly unscathed.

If only his semi-erotic dream about hedgetrimmers and a sacred grove didn’t end up leaking into Brenwyn’s sleeping mind. 

Review: In POWER TOOLS IN THE SACRED GROVE, we’re back in Arcanum, Ohio where Marc Sindri is trying to heal after the events in CAMP ARCANUM. Now there is tension between Marc and his lady-love Brenwyn, a Wiccan priestess who can read his mind. Along with pressure from his boss to get the Arcanum Renaissance Faire built before opening, OSHA inspectors, and Brenwyn’s ex still gunning for him, Marc has his work cut out for him. POWER TOOLS IN THE SACRED GROVE is the darkly humorous continuation of the story where we first met Marc, Brenwyn, and the odd cast of characters who populate Arcanum, Ohio. The author’s signature combination of horror, humor, and romance is still strong in POWER TOOLS IN THE SACRED GROVE and the writing is downright magical. POWER TOOLS IN THE SACRED GROVE is the perfect sequel to CAMP ARCANUM.

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