Book Review: The Pack in Illinois by: Zoey Glasgow

Publisher: Zoey Glasgow

Publication Date: May 25, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Blue Rivers defines a typical teenager of the 21st century. Her parents are split, she suffers from severe anxiety and is known as a loner after breaking up with her obsessive ex-boyfriend. When one of the few people she trusts dies of cancer, she finds herself leaning towards an old friend who betrayed her awhile ago. As the relationship revives, she finds herself introduced to a whole new kind of world that is both intoxicating and deadly. The only thing keeping her from running is Rider Hayde, the alpha of the Illinois wolf pack.

Review: THE PACK IN ILLINOIS is the story of Blue Rivers and her entrée into a brand new world she never knew existed. Blue has been having issues with anxiety and depression since her parents split up. Now her ex-boyfriend is stalking her, her grandmother is deathly ill, and her best friend has been ignoring her for a long time. When her best friend rescues her she meets the one person who makes her feel alive and happy again – Rider Hayde. Yet, she’s in for new adventures and new threats as she becomes part of Rider’s world. THE PACK IN ILLINOIS has some flaws: spelling errors, grammatical issues, etc. The ending is also very abrupt, but it reminded me of the part one end of a two part television episode. The overall writing is good and I see a lot of promise for this author’s future works. Happily, I was drawn into the story enough to overlook some of the flaws. THE PACK IN ILLINOIS appears to be the beginning of what could become a very strong trilogy/series.

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