Book Review: Voices by: Clarissa Johal

Publisher: Permuted Press

Publication Date: May 19, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Sometimes the ghosts from your past…are real.

Moira Flynn is arrested for attacking a door-to-door solicitor with a knife. She claims a voice told her the man was intent on assaulting her. The trouble is, she was the only one that heard that voice. Moira strikes a plea bargain and is sent to a psychiatric hospital for voluntary treatment. Dr. Richard Cassano is hesitant to treat her as schizophrenic, as she does not show the standard symptoms. As their sessions progress, Moira confesses there are two voices—and they aren’t voices in her head, but the voices of ghosts. Are they imaginary? Or are they actual spirits, attached to her for reasons of their own? As Moira’s doctor uncovers more of her past, he begins to realize that her ghosts are real. And one of them is determined to drag Moira into the afterlife with him.

Review: VOICES is the story of Moira Flynn. Sentenced to a psych ward for a crime she didn’t commit, she’s being treated by Dr. Richard Cassano for what people believe is to be schizophrenia. However, Moira’s heard voices ever since she was young. During her ongoing treatment, she admits the voices aren’t in her head, but are two ghosts which are attached to her. One is a little girl, Isabella, and the other is Jack, a man who is intent on making Moira suffer the same fate he did. VOICES is beautifully written, with a well-developed plot and well-rounded characters. I was impressed at the flexibility Dr. Cassano showed when it came to Moira’s treatment and didn’t just shove medication down her throat. While VOICES is largely a paranormal story, the psychiatric aspects were very detailed and captured what seem to be realistic attitudes and beliefs of doctors and staff. Moira’s strength and resilience in the face of her ordeal is an inspiration. VOICES is an outstanding novel which showcases the writer’s abilities.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review VOICES :)

    1. My pleasure! Best wishes to you :-)

  2. My thoughts, exactly, Star. (Great review :>))


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