Book Review: A Twist of Hate by: V.R. Barkowski

Publisher: Five Star (ME)

Publication Date: June 17, 2015 

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: When his family’s priceless Cézanne disappears from a local museum, security consultant Del Miller leaves the investigation to the FBI. But that’s before an art dealer alleges that Del’s grandfather, a victim of the Nazi death camps, stole the masterpiece from a Paris gallery seventy years before. After the dealer is found dead, and Del's father is implicated, Del sets out to uncover the truth.

From present-day San Francisco to war-torn France, to the Nazi death camps and betrayal, A TWIST OF HATE is a story of family honor. One man's quest for answers about the grandfather he never knew, the father he idolizes, and the secrets behind a missing painting that lay buried deep within his family's past.

Review: A TWIST OF HATE is a beautiful written story which shows how important history is and how much of an impact it can still have in the modern day. Del Miller’s father was smuggled out of Nazi occupied France and into safety in the United States. The only things Samuel Miller has left of his father are some letters and a priceless Cézanne painting, currently on display at a local museum. Now the painting is missing and bodies are falling in the wake of the disappearance. A TWIST OF HATE shows how one man’s bitterness and hatred can destroy several generations of a family. The characters are well-developed and the way the author evoked the emotions of tragic historical events was astounding. People who enjoy art, mystery, and history will definitely enjoy A TWIST OF HATE.

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