Book Review: The Time Slip Girl by: Elizabeth Andre

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Publication Date: May 19, 2015

Origins:  From Publicist for Review

Synopsis: What if the woman you loved was more than a century away? Dara, a computer programmer from Chicago, is visiting London when she opens a door in an Edwardian house and slips into Edwardian England. Agnes, a beautiful London shop girl, takes in the bewildered 21st century American lesbian, but, as Dara begins to accept that she is stuck in 1908, she also begins to accept that she has feelings for Agnes that go beyond gratitude. And the longer Dara stays, the harder Agnes finds it to hide her growing love for the accidental time traveller from the future. Will they overcome grief and prejudice to acknowledge their true feelings for one another? Or will Dara be snatched back to the 21st century before they can express their love?

Review: THE TIME SLIP GIRL is a beautifully written story of discovering new love in an unconventional way. Dara Gillard is a smart, attractive, and talented woman from 2014 who is visiting London with her brother as a way of honoring her dead fiancée, Jenny. Dara is on a tour when she falls through a time slip to 1908 Edwardian London. She meets Agnes Cartwright, who lives in the house Dara was touring in 2014, along with Mrs. Newton and her children. While Dara is trying to find her way through her new life in 1908, she’s also fighting her feelings for Agnes. However, during all this Dara is unaware Agnes feels the same way about her. The setting is very realistic, the characters are dynamic, and the emotions are rich – I was truly transported. I enjoyed the fact the sex scenes were tasteful and not overly graphic which, to me, fit the tone of the novel perfectly. THE TIME SLIP GIRL is a wonderful novel which I definitely recommend!

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