Book Review: Blood Ties by: Nicholas Guild

Publisher: Forge Books

Publication Date: May 12, 2015

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Synopsis: Homicide detective Ellen Ridley of the SFPD is tracking a serial killer terrorizing young women in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ridley is sure she's cornered her most likely suspect: Stephen Tregear, a hacker and code breaker who works for U.S. Naval Intelligence. But Tregear is not the killer... he's the killer's son.

Ridley and Tregear team up to look for Tregear's father, Walter, in an elaborate game of murderous cat and mouse. As the body count rises, Ridley must race against the clock to stop Walter before he kills any more women--and Tregear must finally confront the father who has been trying to kill him for twenty years.

Review: BLOOD TIES is an intriguing and captivating novel of a serial killer and his son. SFPD detectives Ellen Ridley and Sam Tyler have caught the case of multiple murders pointing to a serial killer. Ridley comes up with a viable suspect, Stephen Tregear; however, he turns out to know the killer intimately because it is his father, Walter. Now it’s a matter of time before the confrontation between father, son, and the SFPD comes to a head. BLOOD TIES is an amazingly complex and engaging thriller. I didn’t mind the fact that the reader finds out who the killer is early on as it only adds to the suspense. BLOOD TIES is well-written with intricate characters who come to life due to excellent development by the author. The pace story didn’t feel hurried in anyway, but it also wasn’t plodding and slow. BLOOD TIES will definitely keep readers on the edge of their seats and I expect we will see books of only the best caliber from this author.

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