Book Review: Haunted by: Reggie Lutz

Publisher: Reggie Lutz

Publication Date: April 23, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Gwendolyn McTutcheon can’t move on even though she’s been dead for a year. Having left behind a grieving husband, Evan; and three sisters, Trudy, Bethany, and Sarah; she knows there is work yet to do. 

Sarah, Gwen’s youngest sister, is back in town to help her two remaining sisters confront a depressed Evan about settling Gwen's will. Still grieving—and raw from wrongful accusations made by Trudy and Bethany that he’d murdered his wife—Evan must set to the task of putting the past, and Gwen, to rest. But not all of the past stays in the past when Sarah offers her help and a romance between her and Evan begins. After all, it was that inappropriate kiss years ago that sparked the notion he might have harmed his wife in the first place. 

As Gwen watches, unable to intervene, Trudy and Bethany keep secrets of their own, secrets that level the field and make Sarah consider coming home to stay again. But when an arsonist sets his sights on Evan’s bar, Duard’s, and Sarah’s life is threatened, Gwen knows she must find a way to intervene, for her family and for her own peace. 

Review: Gwendolyn McTutcheon and Evan Carrelsmith were deeply in love, but a year ago she died in a tragic accident. Gwen’s sisters are having a tough time moving on, but they’re all coming together to force Evan to settle Gwen’s will. Evan has to face life without Gwen, the less-than-veiled accusations of two of Gwen’s sisters, Trudy and Bethany, and a strange attraction to Sarah, Gwen’s younger sister. Gwen herself hasn’t moved on either, watching over Evan and her sisters as they try to move on with their lives. HAUNTED has a good premise – how people are affected by the death of a loved one. The relationship between the sisters was authentic and it was interesting to see how those relationships matured over time. An intriguing twist is readers also get to see events and memories through Gwen’s viewpoint, after her death. A good point the author showed throughout HAUNTED is how moving on after a tragedy doesn’t mean forgetting, but accepting the loss and reminiscing on the good times.

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