Book Review: Impossible: A Dark Romantic Comedy by: Gary H. Miller and Bob Tischler

Publisher: Facetious, Inc.

Publication Date: February 9, 2015

Origins:  From Authors for Review

Synopsis: Twenty-five year old Peter Michaels had been searching for his soul-mate his entire life. One day an errant golf shot from an attractive young woman named Beth, shattered his iPad and the long drought was over. The two quickly fell in love, but when Beth took Peter home to meet her parents, he discovered the shock of his life. 

Review: Peter Michaels has never had a serious relationship. He does a lot of online dating, but things never seem to last. Living with his parents in their home on a golf course, one day his heart is struck by the beauty of the woman whose faulty shot shattered his iPad. Peter and Beth started dating and easily fell deeply in love. However, things changed when Beth took Peter home to meet her parents and Peter discovered a decades-old secret. IMPOSSIBLE is a truly laugh out loud romantic comedy. I liked Peter and Beth a lot and hoped they would each find happiness despite the devastating discovery. I could see IMPOSSIBLE becoming a TV-movie or even a one-shot series easily. I don’t want to give too much away for those who want to be surprised, but read IMPOSSIBLE. It’s a good story with solid characters and great humor!


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