Book Review: Iced by: M. Terry Green

Publisher: Middleworld Productions

Publication Date: February 10, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Though she doesn’t know her real name, Thirteen is sure of two things: survival and finding her sister. Nothing stands in her way—not the great Pacifica Ice Sheet nor the slavers she escaped—until her deadly hunt takes a maddening turn. 

The first and only clue in her search is held by the survivor of a wrecked ice ship. But he’s not sharing. He has a daughter to rescue, and he needs Thirteen’s help. 

In the unforgiving subzero, a wary alliance is formed. Although she’d do anything to find her sister and finally know her own name, Thirteen never forgets the first rule of the ice. You only get one mistake—your last. 

Review: ICED is the story of a world vastly changed by some unknown event causing the entire planet to become covered in ice. We’re not told of how this happened or how society evolved due to this catastrophic event, but we are brought into a world were slavery is the norm and anyone can be taken away within an instant to serve a master. Free people must take every precaution and sometimes even those are not enough to keep them safe. The main character of ICED is Thirteen, a woman who no longer knows her true name and is on a quest to find her sister. Thirteen escaped from a master who had branded her their property and now she is the scourge of slaver ships everywhere, known simply as the Ghost due to her strange appearance and how quickly she appears and disappears. Thirteen has a unique appearance: clear hair, frost-colored eyes with a nictitating membrane, and grippers on her feet – all of which help her blend in and survive in this icy world. ICED is beautiful in its descriptiveness, not only of the characters but of the world itself. Truly character-driven, ICED will pull you in and you will be breathless until the ending. I really connected with the characters and I think it’ll be easy for other readers to do the same. ICED is well-written and leaves you craving more once you reach the end.

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