Book Review: The Wretched Walls by: Brian Kaufman

Publisher: Dark Silo Press

Publication Date: February 14, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: While renovating an old Victorian home, Garrett Jenkins finds an antique box full of vintage 1920s pornography hidden in the walls. Who was the woman in the photos? Is there a connection to the presence Garrett suspects is haunting the home? As curiosity turns to obsession, the restoration of the building suffers. His mother’s life savings and his girlfriend’s hopes for the future are on the line. But with each new discovery, Garrett steps closer to a shattering truth that may end in madness.

Review: THE WRETCHED WALLS is a fascinating horror novella featuring Garrett Jenkins. The way the author draws you into the main character’s obsession with the old Victorian home he has purchased to renovate is nothing short of dynamic. The descriptions bring the foreboding atmosphere to life and before you know it, you’re sharing Garrett’s nightmare. THE WRETCHED WALLS is psychological horror at is most frightening. For readers who enjoy more seasoned horror, THE WRETCHED WALLS is for you.

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