Book Review: Halton Cray by: N.B. Roberts

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Publication Date: September 8, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: When Alexandra Turner takes a job at the eerie Tudor mansion, Halton Cray, she needs all her wit and spirit to cope with the enigmatic Thom Rues. While a near constant fog envelopes the estate, Alex begins questioning the bizarre things she’s seeing around him as gossip circulates that Thom is more than just different. Determined not to let rumours influence her, Alex tries to learn who he really is, even as he provokes her with his dark sense of humour. But discovery of Thom’s terrible secret propels Alex’s life in a direction she could have never predicted. 

Halton Cray is a contemporary paranormal romance and dark adventure inspired by Charlotte Brontё’s Jane Eyre. The first book in the Shadows of the World series.

Review: HALTON CRAY is, at its heart, a Gothic romance. It has the ‘haunted’ Tudor mansion, named Halton Cray, and the Byronic hero in the strange Thom Rues. The author has captured the Gothic atmosphere quite well and the slow-swelling romance is very well-written. I didn’t much care for Thom, but perhaps this is due to how abrasive and aloof he was toward Alex and how she reacted to his manner. Perhaps it’s also because I enjoy an anti-hero more than a Byronic hero. HALTON CRAY uses a lot of the aspects of Jane Eyre (from which it was inspired), but definitely stands on its own. If you enjoy Gothic romances, I think you’ll like HALTON CRAY.

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