Book Review: Aquarius Addiction by: Trish Jackson

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Publication Date: January 29, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Anyone who thinks God doesn't have a macabre sense of humor answer this—why did he bring Andre Rossouw into Arlette's life on the same day her doctor told her she was about to die?

Attractive FBI Psychic Arlette Xylander displays all the character traits of her star sign, Aquarius, being feisty, eccentric, freedom-loving, flirtatious, rebellious and unpredictable. She may be only five feet tall, but she epitomizes the old adage that dynamite comes in small packages.

Her emotions rage between denial, anger and tears when her doctor tells her she is suffering from a rare terminal disease. When hunky Andre Rossouw asks her to help find his sister who has been missing for four years, Arlette makes two decisions. To beat the disease and find a cure, and to have wild and passionate sex with him.

Then she finds out he has a fiancée.

Review: Arlette Xylander is a psychic who has worked often with the FBI. She’s just received a distressing diagnosis from her doctor and met the man of her dreams – all on the same day. Arlette embodies her astrological sign of Aquarius, both the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ traits. However, she’s made herself a deal – if she’s going to accept her diagnosis, she’s going to do everything on her bucket list, including the FBI’s new client Andre Rossouw. Until she finds out he has a fiancée. Andre has come to the FBI for help finding his missing sister who disappeared four years ago. AQUARIUS ADDICTION is set in Louisiana, specifically in the New Orleans area, which helps with the psychic mystique. When Arlette goes to the Rossouw family home, she receives impressions which lead to a sketch and a few names to research. However, her digging into Susanna’s disappearance has ruffled more than a few feathers and Arlette finds herself in danger time and time again. AQUARIUS ADDICTION is a good mystery with a side dish of steamy romance. I liked Arlette’s grit in the face of unquestionably bad odds. I enjoyed resolution to the mystery of Susanna’s abduction. The sparks between Arlette and Andre strong and gave an added richness to the story. If you like romantic suspense, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy AQUARIUS ADDICTION.

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