Book Review: Unseen Secrets by: S.B. Sebrick

Publisher: Golden Bullet Publishing

Publication Date: November 28, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Among the Children of the Sky, command of the elements is the surest way to riches, influence and respect. Which is why young Keevan Stratagar, a wiry Outlander with no elemental gifts at all, spent his childhood dismissed by the powerful and feared by the ignorant. 

As a child, leaving Keevan alive was an act of mercy the Council couldn't refuse. Though at constant war with the Outlanders, they didn't have the heart to take the life of an infant. But Keevan is a young man now. Powerful enemies are turning their attention to the young Outlander, with lethal intentions. Even a single Outlander standing on their shores is one too many. 

Battling for life, friends and loyalty, Keevan must uncover the hidden might behind his Outlander power. A strength he's overlooked his entire life. It will shake the city of Issamere to its core, where one misstep could bring the might of an entire civilization down on top of Keevan and all he holds dear.

Review: UNSEEN SECRETS is the first book in a new series about Outlanders and the Children of the Sky. Keevan is the only Outlander living among the Children of the Sky and he is either dismissed because he cannot control the elements or feared for his glowing blue eyes when he uses his elemental sight. Having ignored his innate Outlander power for most of his life, now circumstances have made it imperative for him to learn to harness these natural gifts. UNSEEN SECRETS is an engrossing fantasy novel with a complex magical system and fascinating characters. I liked Keevan a lot and I enjoyed watching him grow into himself and his powers. Readers who prefer well-developed new worlds and great characters will definitely enjoy UNSEEN SECRETS.

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