Book Review: Suckers by: Z. Rider

Publisher: Dark Ride Publishing

Publication Date: February 17, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: WHEN WORN-OUT MUSICIAN DAN FERRY decides to take a shortcut back to the band’s hotel, he picks the wrong dark alley to go down. Within days of being attacked by a bat-like creature, he becomes consumed with the need to drink human blood. Terrified of what will happen if he doesn’t get his fix—and terrified of what he’ll do to get it—he turns to bandmate and best friend Ray Ford. Unaware that the parasite driving Dan’s addiction has the potential to wipe out humankind, the two are willing to try anything to solve Dan’s problem—not realizing that solving it could unleash a much larger one upon the world.

Poignant and terrifying, heartfelt and ingenious, Suckers is a story of sacrifice and friendship in the face of an alien contagion that threatens to destroy humanity. 

Review: SUCKERS is an unusual horror novel which is why it is so very good. Instead of the focus being on the strange bat-like creatures attacking people and causing them to attack others for their blood, it is on the members of a band who must face this threat together. It is the characters which makes SUCKERS such a stand-out story. While the beginning of the book does seem a little slow, it builds a strong background in which the characters interacted. I was impressed by the level of dedication Dan and Ray, longtime friends and band-mates, had to each other during this time of crisis. SUCKERS is an unexpectedly fresh take on the horror genre in general and vampire stories specifically.

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