Book Review: Run Holly Run by: Walter Rouzer

Publication Date: December 21, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: How can you convince Holly Atwood to stay clear of danger? You can’t. She runs right for it. Especially when there’s a good mystery to be had. 

After Holly and her parents move into Morgan McGuire's mansion, a grey stone castle overlooking the Mississippi River, they’re swept along an extraordinary adventure with lots of unanswered questions to solve along the way, like:

Who’s responsible for making changes to the paintings in the mansion during the twilight hours to communicate desperate pleas for help?? Who are the mysterious twins appearing and disappearing in the attic window late at night?? Why are the town folk turning up missing one after the other?? Why are they acting like they’re possessed when they show up again?? Why has the surrounding countryside become over run with wild creatures?? Where are they coming from??

Holly and her friend, Charlie, devise a plan they hope will save the town of Kingston and return its citizens back to their former selves.

Review: RUN, HOLLY, RUN is a book which seems to defy easy description. It has mystery, adventure, action, fantasy, sci-fi, and comedic elements. When Holly moves to the McGuire mansion with her parents, mysterious things start happening. Her mother’s paintings are changing with no one touching them, twin ghosts appear in the windows, people in town are going missing, and the animals are acting very strange. Holly and Charlie, her friend from law school, decide to figure out what is going on and fix it before it’s too late for everyone in Kingston. RUN, HOLLY, RUN is fun, silly, very imaginative and has some wild characters. I easily could see this becoming an animated movie at some point. As long as they have a good attention span, I can see even younger readers enjoying RUN, HOLLY, RUN.

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