Book Review: Paranoia by: Ryan Fortier

Publisher: Ryan Fortier

Publication Date: December 23, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: “Jacob, we’ll love you always.” 

These are the words that will always haunt Jacob Tyler, the last words spoken by his dying mother. For seventeen years Jacob led a near-perfect life, but that all changed with a brutal home invasion. Four months later, he struggles to return to the lively and humorous teen he once was. Though progress is made, it is wiped clean when he believes the killer has returned to toy with him. Now, along with his best friends Sarah and Keith, Jacob takes it upon himself to solve the crime that slowly destroys him. 

A psychological thriller that aims to show how one horrible event can drive anyone to the brink of insanity, Paranoia is the debut novel from Ryan Fortier. Witness the devastating effects of insomnia, crawl inside a degenerating psyche, and discover how dangerous paranoia can truly be.

Review: 17 year old Jacob Tyler goes off to a party with one of his best friends, Keith. While there, the police show up along with Jacob’s other best friend after a strange call Jacob received from his mother where she says “Jacob, we’ll love you always”. Jacob’s parents are killed during a home invasion and his world falls apart. Four months later, Jacob’s fed up with the police department’s lack of progress and decides to launch his own investigation. However, Jacob’s thinking isn’t exactly clear…

PARANOIA exploits the reader’s darkest fears. No matter what age, you don’t want to think about your parents dying, especially not being murdered. However, the author truly captured the teenage thought-process and language in PARANOIA. It was heartbreaking to see how quickly Jacob’s life fell apart and his mental state deteriorated. Strong imagery and emotions will strike the reader deeply. PARANOIA will surprise you with its twisted ending.

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