Book Review: Never Trust a Happy Song by: Natalie Bina

Publisher: Createspace

Publication Date: March 25, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: When Cassidy Diamond is admitted to a prestigious summer program at Stanford University, she looks forward to being surrounded by people just like herself: smart, studious, and antisocial. But when Cassidy is assigned to stay with the Harper family and meets their vivacious and uninhibited daughter Grace, the two girls clash at first sight. Cassidy is determined to not let Grace distract her from her studies, while Grace wants to show Cassidy that maybe her grades aren't all she has going for her, and that life might be about more than building the perfect resume.

Review: NEVER TRUST A HAPPY SONG is the story of overachieving high school student Cassidy Diamond. Cassidy has been pushed from a young age to be the best student, so she can have perfect grades which will lead to a good college and a prestigious job in the future. Cassidy has internalized this pressure so much she doesn’t see a life outside of schoolwork and achievement. When she’s accepted into a summer program at Stanford, she’s looking forward to spending her summer with her nose in a book and learning all she possible can from the professors. However, the daughter of the family she’s placed with, Grace, is wild, upbeat, and the complete opposite of Cassidy. Grace tries to drag Cassidy out of her shell so she can see there is more to life than getting perfect grades. NEVER TRUST A HAPPY SONG is a stirring story of life for two very different high school girls. Over the summer with the Harper family, Cassidy’s eyes are opened to a different side of life. I felt a kinship with both Cassidy and Grace and quickly grew attached to them. NEVER TRUST A HAPPY SONG shows readers the importance of a balanced and integrated life, even as adults. Sometimes a new perspective can truly help someone see a bigger picture. The author has made the characters so authentic and readers will see the Graces and Cassidys in their own life. Give NEVER TRUST A HAPPY SONG a try and I promise you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. The contrast of personalities must be making for a really good story

    1. Indeed! I hope you enjoy it.

    2. Hi!

      The contrast between the personalities of Cassidy and Grace is such an important aspect of the book to me. I spent a lot of time cultivating it, because I really wanted to do it justice. Everyone’s life has Cassidys and Graces (I love that Star pointed that out!), and often it is when the two meet that the flaws and strengths of their personalities become most obvious. I hope you get to read Never Trust a Happy Song, and enjoy the story!

      xx Natalie


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