Book Review: The Donor by: Candace Osmond

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Publication Date: October 15, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: What's the first thought that would run through your mind if you woke up, completely naked, strapped to an operating table, sans a kidney? What ran through Nora Daniels mind was that, sadly, nobody would even notice she was missing. No family, no friends, not even a boyfriend. No, there would be no Prince Charming busting down the door to save the day or loved ones to mourn her death. Unless she could find a way to uncover the secrets hidden in her past and discover the one thing tying her to this world.

Review: Nora Daniels woke up on an operating table, fully nude, and based on the conversation she overheard, missing a kidney. Nora realized no one was going to save her from these butchers and she had to make her own escape. Nora also realized she had no one in this world – no family, no friends, no one who would miss her. Before Nora can escape, she is released by one of her captors, but this leads to more questions than answers. THE DONOR is an interesting blend of science fiction, mystery, and romance. I did like the main characters, Nora and Henry, but THE DONOR is definitely a lot more plot-driven than character-driven. I think readers could relate better to the characters if there were some more development to them as the story progressed. However, I enjoyed the concept as it seemed pretty unique and illustrates the point of technology surpassing ethics laws and guidance at a frightening speed. THE DONOR is a quick read and a story I think teen readers will enjoy.

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