Book Review: Debt Collector by: Derrick Davis


Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Publication Date: December 8, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: What if you were gambling and racked up a huge debt?
How would you pay it off?
What if a gambling syndicate employed collectors who killed in order to gather the money you owed them? What would you do if they came after you?

A discharged marine suffers from prophetic dreams about a debt collector killing people. After leaving a nightclub, he soon discovers these dreams are very real. However, destroying the crime organization from the inside is hard, never mind the fact that these scum murdered his father. His only support is a woman who tried to kill him. Digging into the syndicate, they discover an ugly truth that shatters his world.

Review: When Xavier was a little boy he saw his mother murdered in front of him by collectors who were coming to collect on his father’s gambling debts. The debt collectors for the gambling syndicate either collect on the debts in money or in blood. As an adult, Xavier has nightmares about a debt collector killing people to collect on their debts. However, he’s beginning to realize these dreams aren’t strange nightmares, they are happening in real life. Now Xavier must dig deeper into the syndicate to figure out the truth behind his prophetic nightmares.

DEBT COLLECTOR is a good mystery story. I wasn’t too attached to the characters as it felt they could be changed without much difference to the plot itself. I did enjoy the twists and turns the story took as we followed Xavier’s search for the source of his nightmares. Plus, the thought of these types of debt collectors out there was definitely scary. Overall, I enjoyed DEBT COLLECTOR. It was a different type of story which delved into the depths of human nature.

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