Book Review: Darkness Within by: Carli Castle

Publication Date: January 1, 2015

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: For as long as he could remember, Lucas Ferrin had magical powers he didn't understand and couldn't control. He didn't know where they came from, or why he was the only one around who had them.

When he stumbles upon a dead body on his way to work, he immediately knows there is something very sinister going on. First, there was the feeling, then there was the fact that the young woman's soul never returned to say who had killed her-as was customary in the United Realms of Esmeralda.

As a series of strange events begin to unfold, Lucas finds himself fighting something inside him that makes him want to do terrible things, something darker and much scarier than the creatures that have begun to roam the night in search for their next kill.

It is a darkness he can't keep away; that talks to him in his most vulnerable moments.

Can Lucas hold off darkness long enough to find out his destiny, or will he give into its dark, but satisfying, desire?

Review: DARKNESS WITHIN explores the hidden depths which can be found within anyone. Lucas Ferrin is the secretary to the president of the grand council of the United Realms of Esmeralda, his brother Caleb. However, this is a fluff job for which Lucas has no interest and in which no one wants him, except his brother and the king. On his way to work one morning, Lucas comes across a dead woman. He instantly knows there is something very wrong in the United Realms, especially since the woman’s soul didn’t return as usual to identify her killer. This first death starts a cascade of strange events, of which Lucas quickly becomes the center. Something is whispering to him…compelling him to give into his baser desires. DARKNESS WITHIN starts out slowly, but quickly gains momentum as the first body is discovered. I felt the characters were well-developed and the plot well thought-out. DARKNESS WITHIN has mystery, magic, romance, and adventure skillfully combined together to draw the reader into a solid fantasy tale.

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