Book Review: Undertow by: Kelly Cozy

Publisher: Smite Publications

Publication Date: November 18, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Drew Finley was a crime journalist, until his mind couldn't shut out the images of blood and bodies. Alcohol made the images go away, but also ruined Drew's career and innocents' lives. 

Drew's eager to make amends and he's got a story that will help him: a profile of a local celebrity who may have been framed for murder. As he digs deeper, he'll uncover secrets and grudges that will put the people he loves in danger.

Review: Drew Finley was a great crime journalist until his obsession caused him to fall into a bottle. He didn’t crawl out until everything he cared for was gone: his love, his career, and his reputation. Now he works at a small paper as a copy editor, has a wonderfully eclectic girlfriend, and has been sober for a while. Until Drew’s attention is drawn to a local murder mystery. When the anniversary of a local basketball player’s death at the hands of her beloved coach arrives, Drew’s boss wants a piece written on her killer. Drew digs deeper into Jones Cavanaugh and starts to believe in innocence. As Drew follows his investigation, he becomes more and more obsessed, starting down the same pathway which destroyed his life previously. UNDERTOW is a masterpiece of mystery and obsession. The author has a gift for creating characters who get under your skin and with whom readers can instantly connect. No matter how I thought the story would go, I was constantly surprised which was beautiful. UNDERTOW will grip your imagination and the detail is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t read UNDERTOW, you’ll need to rectify this oversight soon.

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